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Sandra Grace
producer/singer/writer/recording artist



Sandra Grace. Photography by Shari Swan, Clothing designed by People Clothing,

Preview/buy Sandra Grace's three albums now on iTunes and!

12/20/07: My BRAND NEW VIDEO "Stay With Me" (dir. Marc Meyers, exec. producer/artist Sandra Grace) is here!!! The song is a universally-themed love ballad, but we shot the video to depict two women in a love struggle:

My sexy/funny music video "Do You Have A Lover?" (dir. Katrina del Mar, exec. producer/artist Sandra Grace) spoofs a pickup line used in a New "Yawk" City bar:


10/16/07: I'm up for the "Female Favorite Musician of 2007" Pride In The Arts Music Award! Thanks to the Stonewall Society for nominating me! Please support me and CAST YOUR VOTE here (I'm in the second category).

9/3/07: Please vote for my music video now on MTV/Logo's Click List (and ask friends/groups to help)! I'm up against signed mainstream artists including Amy Winehouse, Scissor Sisters, Fergie, and Justin Timberlake. Just go to this link and scroll down to "Do You Have A Lover?" (Sandra Grace):

8/6/07: I'm featured in Go NYC Magazine's 2007 Music Issue!

7/9/07: My dance track "Epiphany (My Lifes Up To Me)" is now featured in an Orbitz ad campaign (True Colors Benefit Auction with Cyndi Lauper)! Check it out:

6/24/07: Sandra Grace, for the second year in a row, emceed the New York City 2007 Heritage of Pride Parade to rave reviews! See pictures on

6/1/07: Buy the award-winning short film "Open" (executive producers Sandra Grace and Teale Failla) now on Alluvial Filmworks' DVD short film compilation Girls' View.

5/16/07: I am hosting a music video contest on a new music video site called NumaNation (!

4/24/07: Sandra Grace's new video "Do You Have A Lover?" is ranked among the top 50 "Most Linked (This Week) in Music" on YouTube, just after Kelly Clarkson and Tori Amos!

4/20/07: My "Do You Have A Lover?" music video got rave reviews on! "I love the exaggerated fake New Yawk accent. It's like The Sopranos meets The L Word." -Sarah Warn, Editor in Chief,

4/17/07: Ok, guys (esp. all you Mac users)--my hot new music video "Do You Have A Lover?" is now up on Youtube and, with even better quality, Myspace! Directed by the sexy and edgy Katrina del Mar, with yours truly, Sandra Grace, as the artist/executive producer.

4/1/07: ALL WEEK and ONLINE through Sunday--my music video "Do You Have A Lover?" premieres nationwide on MTV's Logo network (to 26 million households!)--along with new videos from Nelly Furtado and Fall Out Boy--on the NewNowNext program! "Aah, there's nothing like the always fascinating verbage of sweaty bar pickups." -MTV's Logo network.

3/25/07: Executive producer/founder Sandra Grace's Best Lesbian & Alternative Short Films festival is a "femmetastic event" -Dan Renzi, Miami New Times.

1/26/07: Sandra Grace will appear in Stephanie Adams' forthcoming documentary with the Women's Entertainment network!

1/23/07: Sandra Grace appears in Soce the Elemental Wizard's new music video, "BAAB Fan Collabo"! (She also raps in his song "Bad Hair Day," now on iTunes.)

1/1/07: Executive Producers Sandra Grace and Teale Failla of the award-winning film "Open" have signed a distribution deal with Alluvial Filmworks (part of! On July 10, 2007, Alluvial will release their award winning film "Open" on a DVD short film compilation entitled Girls' View.

11/15/06: Scandalous!!! My song "Vicious Ass Nocturne" was the "Music To F*ck To (MTFT)" choice for October 2006 on! Check out their 10/4/06 podcast if you dare.

11/4/06: Sandra Grace's new 3rd CD "Do You Have A Lover?" gets rave reviews on! Robb Loving writes: "Wickedly fun music.... Upbeat.... I dare you not to laugh.... showcases her production skills.... these songs are hard to beat.... I played this CD start to finish and not only was I not bored, I think I actually lost five pounds."

10/21/06: Sandra Grace is profiled in She Magazine!

10/10/06: Sandra Grace is featured on the explicit podcast "The G Spod" (episode #45)! [Also link to it via]. DJ G of Pittsburgh raves "Sandra Grace gives good interview! She's vivacious, provocative, intelligent....

9/17/06: Sandra Grace is the featured artist this week on HomoPod Radio with hosts Mark & Chris in Houston, Texas! Download podcast #3 "The One With Sandra Grace" now!

9/17/06: "It's a sexy sizzler of dance tracks that'll keep you moving...." Adela Brito raves about Sandra Grace's new CD Do You Have A Lover?" in both New York's Perpetual Toxins and in Dissolver Magazine.

8/06: Sandra Grace is featured in Go NYC magazine's MUSIC issue.

7/2/06: Sandra Grace is featured on The Cancer Blog for donating a portion of her 2006 CD sales to breast cancer research and awareness.

6/25/06: Sandra Grace is proud to co-host Pride March 2006: The Fight For Love and Life in New York City! Look out for Sandra with "out" Playboy Centerfold and prolific writer Stephanie Adams, announcing each float as they go by in the parade! Happy Pride, everyone!

6/9/06: Sandra Grace is on the cover of the South Florida newspaper "Express" with Lily Tomlin and George Bush!

6/06: Sandra Grace is featured in "Talent In Motion" magazine!

6/06: Sandra Grace's short film "Open," the award-winning edgy short comedy written/produced with director Teale Failla, is playing in film festivals WORLDWIDE! See the "Open" website for details on screenings in San Francisco (Frameline), Toronto (Inside Out), Belgium, New York (Newfest), and Los Angeles (Outfest).

Winter/spring '06: Sandra Grace's hilarious dance track, "Do You Have A Lover," is featured on DJ Susan Morabito's The Phi Sessions, right after Madonna, Stereolab, and U.F.O.!

'06: Sandra Grace is featured on Soce The Elemental Wizard's hot new CD release, The Lemonade Incident! Preview for free on iTunes--hear her sing on "Talk to Me" and rap on "Bad Hair Day" ("My hair needs help, I just can't delay it... even the ozone layer asked me to spray it!") Sandra Grace is also mentioned in Soce's latest interview on; click here to read the article!

'06: Sandra Grace's song "Here With You" is featured on independent artist Moanin' Michelle Malone's latest SBS Records compilation out of Decatur, Georgia. Click here to learn how your music can be considered, and tell Michelle that referred you!

'06: Director Melanie LaRosa's film -- Risk -- features my songs 'Epiphany' and 'Intimately'!

Visit twice Grammy-nominated producer/composer Paul Avgerinos at Studio Unicorn, where Sandra Grace recorded their sultry songs 'This Attraction,' 'Here With You,' and 'Open Heart' (on her second album "Sandra Grace")!


Preview for free/download Sandra Grace's three albums on iTunes! Get:
  • 3rd album "Do You Have A Lover?" (dance--Madonna meets Fran Drescher!)
  • 2nd album "Sandra Grace" (smooth electronica--Dido meets Sarah McLaughlin)
  • 1st album "Sister Sez" (indie rock--Etheridge meets Indigo Girls)

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    READ PRESS REVIEWS of my albums, see what RADIO STATIONS are currently playing my songs, and see more of my other favorite LINKS.

    From creator/executive producer Sandra Grace: "Thank you to everyone who made the "Best Lesbian and Alternative Short Films" festival such a great success!

    Sandra Grace and Teale Failla present the new short film --
    Open -- a polyamorous lesbian comedy! Winner: "Honorable Best Mention," short narrative film, Cinekink NY.