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Special Features on Sandra Grace
Along with her recent appearance on MTV's Logo network, Sandra Grace has recently been profiled in She Magazine, The Miami New Times, Express Newspaper, and the 2007 music issues of both Curve Magazine and Go NYC Magazine. She also hosted/emceed the 2006 and 2007 New York City Heritage of Pride parades--see Sandra's myspace site for pictures from the parade!

Reviews for 3rd CD "Do You Have A Lover?" + live appearances
  • "I love the exaggerated fake New Yawk accent. It's like The Sopranos meets The L Word." -Sarah Warn, Editor In Chief,
  • "...catchy... hook-laden, splendidly thumpin' dance track... what makes the tune for me is Grace's killer New York accent as she keeps chatting up lesbian hotties in da club.... her hot looks and sassy tone had me at "yo." If there were a hot femme lez on The Sopranos, Grace would be it.... aside from a beat-savvy singer, Grace is also a filmmaker/writer/producer with a slew of cool credits (her film Open won raves at filmfests all over), and she even founded the Best Lesbian & Alternative Short Films festival. She's, like, a total Renaissance woman!" -MTV's Logo network, New Now Next
  • "Sandra Grace’s music is a mix of pop, techno and a great Saturday Night Live sketch. While the Brooklyn native lays down serious dance beats, she also likes to make her audience laugh." -Sophia Hoffman, Go NYC Magazine, 2007 Music Issue
  • "A sweetheart with an angelic smile who dreams of remaking 'To All The Girls I've Loved Before,' Grace, former lead singer of New York's Sister Sez, released her third album, Do You Have A Lover?, to much fanfare. A portion of sales of the CD (named for a bad pick-up line) goes to breast cancer research. This Florida-based Princeton and Stanford grad (she's got a master's degree in computer science) is beautiful and way gay. (" -Curve Magazine, 2007 Music Issue
  • "Sandra Grace did a remarkable job announcing and hosting the 2007 NYC Heritage of Pride Parade (6/24/07)! It takes a lot to create and sustain that wonderful energy for so many hours!" -Arthur Finn, 2007 NYC Pride March Director
  • "You're such a cute predator!" -Mike Wilke, Founding Executive Director, Commercial Closet Association (of Sandra Grace's prowling character in her music video "Do You Have A Lover?")
  • "Wickedly fun music.... Upbeat.... I dare you not to laugh.... showcases her production skills.... these songs are hard to beat.... I played this CD start to finish and not only was I not bored, I think I actually lost five pounds." -Robb Loving,
  • "Sandra Grace has crafted one of the best covers of the Eurythmics gem 'Here Comes The Rain Again." It's fresh, it's hip and perfect for 2007. Sandra's dance/pop vibe is quite gripping and grabbing and it's hard to resist her charms. Sandra can be requested on your local radio station, and is moving and shaking with people like Madonna, Oakenfold and many others! Sandra is hot." -Jules Cohen, Redjmusic / Grave Concerns Ezine
  • "It's a sexy sizzler of dance tracks that'll keep you moving." -Adela Brito, Perpetual Toxins, Dissolver Magazine
  • "Sandra Grace gave one of the best radio interviews I've ever heard." -Jane Nevins, IMRU Radio, KPFK 90.7 FM, Southern California
  • "Sandra Grace gives good interview! She's vivacious. provocative, intelligent, and a lady that is well on her way to a long, successful career." -DJ G, The G Spod (podcast #45), Pittsburgh
  • "[Sandra Grace] has taken the tough New York attitude and combined it with the South Beach dance flavors.... I really enjoyed listening to something great and different. You go girl!" -B.S.G., Buzz Magazine [full review in .pdf format]
  • "Lesbians rule.... On 'Do You Have A Lover?' ( Sandra Grace serves up a straightforward set of dance club tunes." -Gregg Shapiro, Chicago FreePress, Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco), Out Smart (Houston)
  • "...Passionate and hilarious.... [Sandra Grace's remixes] will certainly be heard in many of the dance floors in clubs and bars because of their catchy beats and grooving electronic sounds." -P!nk online ezine, July 2006

    Reviews for 2nd CD "Sandra Grace"
  • "Sandra Grace is the latest triple ‘S’ singer. Sultry, Sexy and Soothing is not enough to describe her." -Skuawk! online ezine
  • "Sandra Grace’s self-titled debut immediately evokes traces of Dido and Saint Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell.... It’s a refreshing taste of influences that could find itself on your Sunday morning chill out mix tape before you realize it." -Derek Blackmon,
  • "Her sophomore self-titled CD is polished, yet moody and introspective, passionate, and the dance tracks are hot and catchy." -Todd Beckwith, Talent In Motion Magazine, Volume IX, Issue 1
  • "One-woman-band Sandra Grace wrestles with matters of the heart on her eponymous debut disc. She poses the musical question 'what do I do?' on 'This Attraction,' a richly layered harmonic track, and addresses the question of whether or not a lover knows the extent of her love on 'Here With You.' It’s not all bouquets and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates as you can hear on 'Epiphany' (on which she is accompanied by Zecarlos and Walker T. Pettibone), and Grace displays a wicked good sense of humor on the 'bad New Yawk accent remix' of the funky and funny dance track 'Do You Have A Lover?'” - Gregg Shapiro, (Also reprinted in Baltimore Outloud.)
  • "On her self-titled CD, Sandra Grace doesn’t just focus on one genre or even two for that matter. The listener gets electronic, a rock tune, classical sampling and a soothing instrumental as the final track. In other words, there’s something for every musical taste. 'This Attraction,' a sexy, sultry confession, is the opening song of the CD. On this track, Ms. Grace sounds a bit like Sarah McLachlan and Dido.... The final track, 'Santu,' (her grandfather’s nickname) is dedicated to his memory. The prevailing melody in this song is the six-note tune of her grandparents’ doorbell. Although I enjoyed all the songs on this CD, mostly because I appreciate all the variety, I especially liked this instrumental piece." -Adela Brito, Skuawk!
  • "New York resident songwriter/producer/performing & recording artist. Richly produced with honest emotive lyrics. Sandra says of her debut eponymous CD that 'three of my songs, produced by Grammy nominee Paul Avgerinos, have been informally crowned 'best lovemaking music'... however 'Do You Have A Lover (bad New Yawk accent remix)' is a fine female perspective compliment to Wayne G’s 90’s dancefloor epic 'Twisted'. Sandra’s recording career is off to a great start." -John Frame, Queerradio (Brisbane, Australia)
  • "Technology meets spirituality on her eponymous CD.... Three gorgeously flowing collaborations with [twice] Grammy-nominated composer/producer Paul Avgerinos precede 'Epiphany,' a throwback to her earlier days as founder and lead singer of New York City rock band Sister Sez."

    Here are some RADIO STATIONS that play my music
  • KRCB "Outbeat Salon" (Sonoma County / North Bay, CA)
  • QNation FM & Pride Showcase with Bill Northrup
  • Gone Fishing For Blue Skies with michiko and chris (Tokyo, Japan)
  • TranceNDance Podshow with Canis Lupus (Idaho)
  • WMR Music Showcase (Pennsylvania)
  • "Housecast #5" on ZetCast Broadcasting Network with DJ Moose (Shetland Islands, UK)
  • with Rob Oldroyd (also and
  • WRPI 91.5 FM (Troy/Albany, NY) on The Quest of Life with Steve Sims
  • The G Spod (get podcast #45) with DJ G, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Mad Mad Media (get podcast #9) with Eric LaRose, Wisconsin
  • Friday Night Dance Party (get podcast #25) with producer Jeff Hinz
  • HomoPod Radio / Straight Up Queer (get podcast #1) with Mark Carnahan, Houston, TX
  • Breakthru Radio with DJ RePete
  • WSLR 96.5 FM (Sarasota, FL) with Billi and Patti
  • Rainbow World Radio with Mountman/Joe
  • Bear Radio (Rochester, New York) with Joe Maulucci
  • WRYR Radio (Sherwood, Maryland) with Jackie Savitz
  • RGIN Internet Radio with Bill Northrup
  • WKJCE Radio (New Kensington, PA) with DJ Joanne Lynn
  • WPKN (Bridgeport, Connecticut) on "Amazon Radio" with Pamela Smith
  • WORT (Madison, Wisconsin) on "Her Infinite Variety" with Tara Ayres and Sue Goldwomon
  • WRSU (New Brunswick, NJ) on "Highest Common Denominator" with Bill Stella
  • KPFK 90.7 FM (Los Angeles, CA), IMRU Radio
  • JOY 94.9 fm (Melbourne, Australia) on "Women on Waves" with Anita Gibbons
  • WJFF 94.5 fm Radio Catskill (Monticello, New York) on "Out, Loud and Queer" with Kathy Reiser
  • 4ZZZ 102.1 fm (Brisbane, Australia) on "Queer Radio" with John Frame
  • WBAR 87.9 fm Barnard College Radio (New York, NY) on "Annalog Transmitter" with DJ Anne Marie L.

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